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“Creative Saint-Martin” is a web documentary for multiple devices created by the Sorbonne Multimedia agency attached to the Sorbonne University in partnership with the Executive Council of the overseas community of Saint Martin and the Tourist Office of Saint Martin.

The interactive film offers a view of
the island’s creative scene through the stories and portraits of 35 St Martiners (by birth or by adoption). The film gives the user the power of choosing his
own cultural travel supported by an interactive road-book.

The project was conceived and filmed
in 2013, and it was finalized in 2014 by our team at the Sorbonne Multimedia agency. We deployed a communication strategy to give it visibility and to promote the concept of an online tourism alternative.

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· Francis Taptue: Project Management & Films
· Florine Fourastié: Production
· Nicolas Mollien: DA & UX Design
· Vincent Béchereau: D.A. & UX Design
· Michel Boutros: App Development
· Chekib Chiha: Web Development
· Athitaya Hennard: Graphic Design
· Clara Bofill: Video & Communication
· Millie Servant: Communication
· Tiphaine Leborgne: Communication