Title: “Com cau la tarda”
Year: 2011
Running time: 25 minutes

The documentary “Com cau la tarda” offers an homage by Clara, the director, to her grandmother Montserrat Abelló,
a renowned Catalan poet and translator. Clara wills to learn, to know the history of her grandmother, why she writes what she writes and what is behind each poem. For this purpose, the two lived together for three days isolated in their family home in Pals (Girona) from which both have a lot of memories.


Project conceived by: Clara Bofill, Cristina Fort Ros, Laura Torres Gandia & Sandra Vilar Pijuan.
Direction: Clara Bofill
Assistant Director: Cristina Fort Ros
Production: Laura Torres Gandia & Sandra Vilar Pijuan
Production Assistant: Alba Cros
Photography: Hector Ferreño
Sound: Marc Minguella Prió
Original Music: Maria Rodés
Music Recording: Lluís Suros
Editing: Cristina Fort Ros & Laura Torres
Color Correction: Conrado Lopez

This documentary was financed through the crowdfunding platform Verkami thanks to the individual contributions of many people. We are very grateful for making this possible.