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My Hair Room App was conceived during the hackathon competition organized by L’Oréal and BeMyApp in École42 (Paris) in March 2014. Selected by Redken from thirty participants, this application concept was further enhanced as a prototype by our team from the Multimedia Sorbonne Master in collaboration with Redken and L’Oréal representatives.

The application aimed to gamify the hairdressers’ trainings to help people to improve their personal hair management, and to invent a new way to discover hair products.

>>Take a look at the mockup<<


· Noémie Coudray: Director of Creation
· Marcela Mastrocola & Tiphaine Leborgne: Conception & Content
· Clara Bofill: Conception, Content & Video
· Joëlle Chong & Priscillia Rungiah:
UX Design
· Isabelle Ronfaut & Zélie Dethorey: Graphic Design
· Zélie Dethorey: Illustration & Mockup
· Thomas Le Mignan, Jacques Moiroux & Rémi Robin: Development